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Hi! Would you like to sit down with a cup of your favorite tea and chat? See if there is anything in the menu you were hoping to find. I hope to soon provide reviews on Herbal preparations.

Please bear with me as I focus on Essential Oils, their uses and cautions. Thanks! Comfortable now?

Are you looking for soothing relief from discomforts you are experiencing right now? Please use caution when using any Essential oils. Combine oils with another oil, like Sweet Almond. If this is not available, you probably have Olive oil. Check as to whether an oil is ok to use internally.

Do you have stories or questions to share with me about relief you have found and what oils or herbs you were using? Please see the next pages to comment. Thanks!.

I’m glad to meet you, Lynnette

11 thoughts on “Essential Oils Forum”

  1. Nice work, Lynette! I have had customers come to the grocery store where I work looking for essential oils to deal with pests. One of our managers actually tried to tell the customer that essential oils were the same as extracts. I hated to do it, but I had to correct them because I was afraid of a fatality. I explained that extracts were edible and alcohol based while oils were often times infused with herbs and plants and many were toxic. I realize not all are, but I wanted my customer to be aware that certain kinds of essential oils were not as safe as our management was making it sound. Thanks for the forum. Great idea!

    1. All the more reason I hope to get the word out there about safe practices to so many of my E.O. selling friends! I am glad you were able to help keep someone safer with knowledge. Knowledge is power! As you can see by a few of my pages, I have a great love of plants and their uses. Let’s just be wise in how we use them. I am off to do more research, ever learning! Thanks R.


  2. Hi Lynne,

    This is a really good idea! Where is the best place to buy essential oils? I’m a bit worried that I might be getting ripped off and not being able to tell it’s the real deal at the time of purchase.



    1. Sean, this is my plan to eventually bring reviews to this site. I, myself, am on a search for better quality for a reasonable price! Keep in mind that kings and queens used to use these and they are considered to be as valuable as gold! What could be more valuable than good health? It was believed that these oils would bring health to the user. They can help, if properly used. So many claims are made about the quality by many companies, so this is going to be a tough one to sort out! Thanks for asking, however and hopefully check back in a couple of months or less. Be well, Lynne

  3. This is really a great site Lynne! You clearly have a deep understanding of the healing properties of herbs and plants. Thank you for sharing your knowledge freely.
    I am ayurveda professional myself, essential oils and aromatherapy being big part of ayurvedic healing practises. Essential oils are main ingredients in ayurvedic skin and hair care products too.

  4. Coming from one of the major producers of olive oil, Italy, I’ve always been told that olive oil can cure so many ailments, particularly those relating to skin complaints. Have you ever tried that, Lynnette?

    1. Giulia, no I haven’t, other than to use it as a carrier oil. I wonder what would help those I know that have psoriasis? Maybe olive oil could be one component of the relief. I will research this. Thanks for bringing this up, Lynne

  5. I like Lavender essential oils to get the benefits of a restful night. I love that you can use it in many different ways from diffusers, to simply putting a couple drops inside a pillowcase. There are so many different essential oils that provide so many different benefits and the natural benefits are very appealing.

    1. Thanks for the idea Melissa! Be safe and keep in mind that more than natural disasters, we could be preparing, as best we can for man-made disasters.


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