Hurricane Preparation Check List for Safety and Health

Forest fires are causing damage in our neck of the woods!

Below the stories I am telling you, is a consolidated check List for preparation, increasing your safety and health in many types of ¬†emergency. I am doing the research of the NOAA: FEMA; Red Cross and other sites for you! ¬†To all facing natural disasters I hope to offer some comfort to go along with you on your journey to bug out or stay and weather a storm. You would include in your supplies, not just candles and rain geer, but essential oils to enhance your feelings of well being. Life is difficult enough, without the threat of dangers or threat of lack of electricity! Bring me any stories you may have and here are my stories. Coming soon to this post: More information on proper storage and maintenance of supplies. Continue reading “Hurricane Preparation Check List for Safety and Health”

Help to Stop Smoking Assisted by Essential Oils

Are you searching for any help you can find to stop smoking? In addition to many helpful choices of foods and beverages, essential oils may play a part in smoothing the transition out of addictions. This is only Part One. Continue reading “Help to Stop Smoking Assisted by Essential Oils”