Tangible Relief for COPD Sufferers

Treatments You Can Do at Home for COPD

COPD, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,  is a serious lung ailment, the cause of which is mostly thought of as being caused by smoking. Causes include:


  • Premature birth or genetics

  • Smoking or second-hand smoke

  • Being around extreme pollutants, EPA standard is 51+ air pollutants, so be aware of the level before going outside

  • Weight gain can increase the chances of developing COPD


  • Prolonged & extreme dust exposure

(Suggestion: Leave the room that is being cleaned, especially sweeping. Opt for a non-carpet environment, since it is near impossible to remove all dust from them. Instruct your house-keeper to use an oil based spray on the dust mop and wet-mop floors each time you finish dust-mopping.)

What you can do at home:

  • Stop smoking, [planning a future post about how to do this]
  • Reduce dust, mold and chemical fumes in the home and near the house
  • Exercise to keep all muscles and lung in better shape
  • Reduce weight
  • Use of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Magnesium
  • L-Carnitine
  • Vitamin D
  • CoQ10 [Look for a future review of the best CoQ10 products. Not all are alike.]
  • Reduce indigestion and gas build up, which makes breathing more difficult
  • Try not to over eat; use charcoal capsules after eating beans and cruciferous vegetables

  • Know what foods affect your digestion adversely and avoid ingesting these
  • Some essential oils, such as mint, [tea or oil. For oil, dip toothpick in the bottle of oil, stir in a warm glass of water]; Fennel seeds
  • Reducing stress, since stress increases tensing of muscles that help us breathe
  • Pulmonary work-outs, breathing in and out slowly and deeply and holding to count four (4)+

  • Reduce inflammation in the body through eating less sugar, use of chamomile and other herbs

Try to start a new habit, adding one or two of these ideas, while some need to be immediately implemented. Weight loss should be gradual and done using proper amounts of healthy fats, proteins and carbs.https://damnjuicy.com/food-you-should-eat-to-help-melt-away-the-pounds

Suggested teas and oils for relief:

{CAUTION: Please use great caution when using essential oils! Do not use for helpless patients who have mobility and memory issues! Dilute the oils more for this ailment than for others. Do not use very close to the face. Use tiny amounts until you know how you are going to react. It is best to consult with a certified aromatherapist]

  • Chamomile, [tea or oil]
  • Balsam Fir
  • Blue Cypress
  • Lemon oils
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Wintergreen
  • Spruce
  • Peppermint
  •  Lemongrass
  • Tangerine

Suggested Methods of Oil Use:

  • Diffusers & Vaporizers

  • Drops on a handkerchief, placing on dashboard of auto or under the pillow

  • Potpourri simmering in a pot

  • Candle warmers

  • Drops on the wrist and / or feet after adding to a carrier oil

Please comment if you can add information and I invite guest bloggers to either link to my site or send me a guest blog. Please, especially, add safety information.


For more information about research on this topic please see: Research on herbs for easing COPD by Naturopathic practitioners and a Statistics graduate from Stanford University



Have a cat with Asthma? Check out this information:

https://asthmacats.com/ about using essential oils, specifically for cats!


*All images found on pixabay

43 thoughts on “Tangible Relief for COPD Sufferers”

  1. I actually go to Moscow and it has extreme pollutants and I know that so many people have already suffered from it. Do you any good suggestion for CoQ10?

    1. Thanks, Furkan, for bringing this up! It definitely matters what kind of CoQ10 we obtain. Not all CoQ10 is equal. I have been on the search for the best one, have not settled on any particular brand as yet. I will soon find one, I am sure! Then I will actually provide a review on this site for this product. CoQ10 is important, especially for those who take Statin meds! if anyone, seeing this comment, knows a good brand, knows that it is effective, please add your comments.

      Best week and best health to you, Furkan! Lynne

    2. Hello Furkan,

      Regarding a good brand of CoQ10, please go to the website for Kaneka. See the information about Ubiquinol. This is what I finally settled on purchasing, based upon their comparison charts, etc. This was a long and difficult decision. I did not want to waste my hard earned money. Please take care of yourself and let me know if you find the information to be helpful and that people you know are having success with their lung problems through alternative methods. Thanks! Lynne

  2. I just recently discovered a very close friend of mine being diagnosed with COPD and it being a new to me this was helpful for me, together we have been trying to eliminate a lot of fumes and staying away from places that might be hard for her. I did not know a lot of the oils that can be used instead of candles which she loves. Exercising the lungs is a great workout and I never even thought to think of the certain foods we ingest. Thank you so much for more insight.

    1. You are welcome Robin! I urge you to use extra caution when using essential oils. Please introduce one drop at a time, nearby, not too close, on a tissue. Wait a while! I hope the better health and quality of life for her! I also plan to do some reviews on products soon, here, if you wish to check back in a couple of weeks or less. Lynne

  3. Thanks for sharing Lynne.

    I always find it interesting that we can roughly go 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but only 3 minutes without breathing. Yet so little focus is given to ensuring that we are optimising our breathing.

    1. True, Dave, and I wish all smokers could quit right this minute! This is easier done by a sugar aholic! If I can’t quit sugar, how do I expect a smoking loved one or friend to quit? As you can see, it’s not just smoking that caused COPD, that some things are out of our complete control. Yet, we should do all we can to minimize the severity of the ailment. Hoping the best for you and yours, Lynne P.S. I may provide a post on help with a stop smoking plan. I also may search for a professional to guest blog on this topic. So if you or someone you know is struggling with smoking, you might check back here in a few months. I am not a stranger to advice on how to stop smoking and have recently seen alternative methods for this huge problem!

  4. You mention specific COPD breathing exercises but I was also wondering about whether Chi Kung (Qigong) practise would be of help here. We use it a lot in our work for breathing conditions and it can be very effective in helping improve relaxation and regulating internal energy. Acupuncture would also provide an alternative treatment. I will do some research and comment back.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey Lynne, you’ve got some great advice on ways to COPD! Some of the ones that I like the most are not smoking, exercising to maintain strong lungs, and taking vitamins (we all need a little help now and then!).

    And my mom used a lot of those essential oils when I was growing up. They really work well! Thanks!

    1. You’re very welcome Nick! Do you remember these oils used directly for you? Do you know what the different oils she used were used for?
      If you have time, will you tell us anymore about your personal experience with them and what safety precautions were used for you?

      Thanks, Lynne

  6. Love that you recommend essential oils as they are such an important part of my life and have been for numerous years. I believe that the world needs this information. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Wow. I had no idea what COPD actually was until I come across your article! Although I don’t think I have to watch myself catching it, as I’m not a smoker nor am I around other smokers either. Even the air we have here in NZ is pretty good, so we don’t have to worry about that. I do like your tips that you mentioned about what we can do at home do reduce the chances of getting COPD.

    Your article is very well done, thanks for all the info!


  8. Very interesting post about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. I didn’t even know that so many people have pulmonary problems and it’s good to know that there are so many things we can do at home to naturally soften the symptoms. How beans can contribute to COPD and where can we find charcoal capsules?

    1. Marta, I will have to be more clear, that beans don’t cause COPD. These may cause bloating, which makes it difficult to breath for those who suffer from this ailment. Anyone can easily find activated charcoal capsules in any pharmacy or nutrition store. Major stores with variety usually also have a nutrition center and pharmacy and it can be found on more than one shelf! Thanks for your question and request for clarification, Lynne

  9. My heart goes out for all who suffer with COPD and also for the caregivers of these sufferers. It seems to be a growing disease state and running to the emergency department is a long and drawn out process including quite a bit of panic and consternation for all involved. It is important that the suggestions that you have made be employed. I was particularly interested in the emphasis you placed on digestion. Thank you for your wise counsel.

  10. Very interesting post. I have a friend that was just recently diagnosed with COPD but I never really knew what it was. I will have to send her your site for more information that might help her live easier. Essential oils have come along way and I see more and more around, that work well for many different things. Thanks for the great information.

  11. Great information here! My father-in-law has COPD and recently quit smoking (this past Christmas). It was a huge victory for all of us!! Lots of really, really good tips here that I will definitely be sharing with him. I can’t imagine going through it myself… I was never a smoker and looking at what he has to go through DAILY I am so glad I never did. Also- that is a very important (and true) mention about essential oils. Really good stuff you have here. Thanks a lot!

  12. Love you site and I think the information you are providing here is GOLD. I live in Malaysia and we have some serious problems here with haze. In Sumatra, Indonesia they are always burning old plantations for palm oil and the smog drifts across to Malaysia and Singapore. I’m not too worried about me, but my son is only 2 and a half years and sometimes it’s a concern taking him outside. Is this something that could cause COPD?

  13. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is no joke, & I’m afraid we’re going to see it more & more.

    COPD is already being labeled as “very common” disease
    ..with more than 3 million cases per year, & that’s US alone! It’s frightening!

    I remember, when I was a kid around age of 10, I had problems with asthma.
    Mostly due to being overweight & lack of fitness – Also something that we can see a lot of these days.
    So, most of all, to make a great start, I’d focus on healthier lifestyle & make it a priority.
    Unless some condition has already gone “overboard” there is a lot we can do for ourselves..

    ..just like you’re pointing it all out here for us:

    1. Getting healthier nutrition
    2. Exercising more often
    3. Keeping/staying in cleaner environment
    4. Changing some habits

    I also feel that there isn’t necessarily a precise priority list – It’s all a big priority.
    It’s like a car with 4 wheels – Take 1 wheel off, & that car won’t drive anywhere.
    Every detail serves a purpose & must be there as they work in conjunction.

    I’m really glad I found your site as I’m getting more & more curious towards essential oils.
    As an active athlete, I’m curious if essential oils could also help one to improve cardiovascular endurance?

    Could it provide some kind of leverage, like speedy recovery?
    What do you think, is it possible?

    1. Henry, I believe it could be possible to use Balsam fir and Peppermint. Always use a carrier oil if placing on the skin, or place on a tissue nearby. Test one drop of each first, not too close to the nose. Do not touch your eyes before cleansing your fingers. If you are applying to your palms, cleanse your finger tips carefully, with a wipe or wet wash cloth. The Peppermint can be cooling, which may help on a hot day. Let us know the results if you try this, if you will! Thanks for your great comments and information! Lynne

  14. Hi Lynne,
    This is a very informative post. My dad has the COPD problem and I am going to give this information to him. Thanks for this very descriptive and useful post.

    1. Sudheendra, I am so sorry about your dad! I hope that something can make him more comfortable. I hope that, if nothing else, he may find relief from the new information. Please do note that I have even more information which I may add to this post very soon! Also, please note that some feel that this is curable, denied by conventional medicine. I am researching this further!

      Please update us, if you find a few minutes, as to how things worked better for him and do remember to use every safety precaution, introducing only one drop on a tissue, nearby, at first. Some E. O. can make some feel worse or create an emergency.

      Be well! Lynne

  15. Hi Lynne,

    I knew a little about COPD and you provided more info about this disease that I was not aware of. I love the fact that you can use essential oils as a home remedy. I love the pleasant smell from these oils.

    Thanks for this informative post.

    1. Rosa, I had no idea either, but since I am looking at comments about what essential oils are used for, I want to investigate, for the sake of friends who have this! Let me know if you have any experiences with other uses for essential oils and do take care for safety sake! Be well, Lynne

  16. This is very interesting because I have a friend who I recently hooked up with after many years and she has COPD. I didn’t know there were so many at home things that you could do to help
    COPD. I know many oils are good for a lot of things but I didn’t know they could help this too. This is a terrible condition to live with and I want to forward this to my friend. Of course exercise is good for anything. For me, I hate when I go anywhere that people smoke. It’s gross. It is obviously not good for COPD. Thanks for your info!

    1. Rob, I am so sorry about your friend! How sad, after some years out of contact, that you find her in this condition! I do hope it eases the discomfort, please let me know, if you will.

      Thanks, Lynne

    1. Maurice! I am so very sorry you have this! Let me know if you have anymore questions. There is a lot to wade through on the internet, but I hope I am finding a ‘nose’ for sleuthing out the good from the bad. That is what I am attempting to accomplish here. Let us know if you find anything conflicting in what works for you, if you have time and energy. Please feel free to share anything that would help those who come to this forum. Thanks, Lynne

  17. Hey Lynn,

    I don’t have COPD. In fact this is the first time I am reading about it.

    But what is interesting is that I work in an environment where I am at risk….it’s dusty….surrounded by energy producing methanol industrial plants and steel plants. So this information is very good for me.

    I’ll share with my co-workers and Health and Safety team as it directly affects me.

    Thanks for the recommendations on the products. Could be a good preventative measure.


  18. I know from experience that stopping smoking can be hard. I think a great alternative for someone who is a smoker that is suffering from this condition would be to switch to vaping. As you will still get nicotine but with a lot less toxic chemicals. I switched to it and it tastes a lot better too. It is only water vapor and not smoke so it is definitely a step in the right direction!

    1. Ok, I hope it is a step and not the end. I am planning another post, when time to research, on help for those who want to stop smoking. I will look into vaping, but would agree it’s only one step among several that you may do.

      Thanks for bringing this out, Lynne

  19. What a great well researched and detailed article on relief for COPD sufferers! Fortunately I have never been a smoker but my Dad did smoke a lot even though he suffered from Asthma and Bronchitis. Unfortunately even though I never smoked I became a passive smoker as a child because avoiding inhaling tobacco smoke was almost impossible in the small house we lived in. Love your suggestions for teas and oils to be taken for COPD relief

    1. Thanks Jim and I hope you will let us know if you find any other remedies to relieve any symptoms. I am sure you must work on boosting your immunity and improving all over lung health. I think Mullein would be a great thing to use on a regular basis. Whatever you can do for lung support as a regular routine, I encourage you to incorporate into your lifestyle! Be well! Lynne

  20. Very informative post! While I don’t have COPD I have struggled with stress that caused a bronchial asthma incident and I see that many of your recommendations are beneficial for my situation. I am curious about the charcoal capsules you mentioned since I am not familiar with them. What are the benefits of using these?

    1. Hello Chappy, How is your friend and have they looked into the suggestions here? Would they have any questions for me or for anyone here?

      Wishing you both well! Lynne

  21. Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for this, very informative! I like the advice you give on changing our lifestyles to help prevent COPD and in such a natural way. I live in a big city and it is a bit of a worry about the poor air quality, so I will keep this in mind.



  22. Hi, Lynne! This is great information about COPD and essential oils. You are very thorough in your approach and a trusted source of information. You go at topics from many angles and admit when you are still learning or researching a topic, as we all are. Life is a never-ending search for answers, and for ever-better questions as well. : )

    I always learn something new from you. Thank again!

  23. For people suffering from COPD, it is important for them to know that they are not alone. I was also a victim.
    I had experienced shortness of breath, coughing, recurring chest infections and bronchitis. But I didn’t realize that I had COPD until I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with COPD. The first thing I did was get myself informed. Having COPD hasn’t slowed me down. Even though I had COPD I still played golf and involved myself in different exercise though I started smoking at 19 years of age I smoked almost a pack a day. The doctor had told me to quit smoking, it was frightening and frustrating, I thought it was to avoid stress.

    1. Martha, Did you use anything that you could share with us? Have you tried any of my suggestions or had you quit using any alternative health methods? Thanks, Lynne

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