Help to Stop Smoking Assisted by Essential Oils

Are you searching for any help you can find to stop smoking? In addition to many helpful choices of foods and beverages, essential oils may play a part in smoothing the transition out of addictions. This is only Part One.

Any withdrawal from addictions begins with a plan. Before starting on the pathway to recovery from the harmful affects of nicotine, or any other addictive substances one must plan ahead. Decide if you want a natural way to overcome this. I am here to help start this planning process.

Brainstorm as to anything that is known to calm you. You’ve done this since babyhood. You have learned ways to calm yourself, ways to get to sleep, other than drugs. You have heard of options that are natural. Some of us need more help than others. I will later discuss the use of essential oils, which are as gold in your recovery.

When I was a child, cigarettes were offered to me. The reason I refused them was not due to some innate virtue. My brothers and I had been dragged to one meeting after another for the Stop Smoking Plans that our father covered for his Public Relations work for major medical facilities. His work was to advertise and promote the attendance and report on the progress of the meetings. There, brave persons stood up to share their success stories of their day by day progress. This encouraged many and so many people actually did stop smoking!

These meetings were well attended. They had graphic films presented, showing surgical removal of parts of lungs, or worse, an entire lung was removed. Demonstrations were given with a glass dummy, through which we could see two balloon like things for lungs. This dummy had a cigarette put to it’s mouth and a draw effect was created, making the smoke fill these lungs and showed a coating of tar inside. It was shocking to me how quickly tar coated these lungs.

Stop Smoking Instructional Aid, by Google Images

We were taught how the cilia works in the lungs to constantly clean out our lungs from everyday pollutants. Just add to this one cigarette and you clog up that beautiful system. Each added cigarette makes the damage double, triple and so on.

I never even promised myself that I would never smoke. I didn’t have to. The thought that I would even be tempted never entered my head. When I was offered my first cigarette it was no problem to turn it down, that and any other offers. No way was I going to start something that could result in surgery to remove any part of my lung!

Imagine they are removing a lung

That being said, I have motivation for wanting to help you. I have lost two dear uncles, most likely due to smoking habits. They were both chain smokers. They got cancer of the larynx. One opted to have his voice box removed. Yet, he smoked up until the day he died. I am deeply grieved and heart broken!

If I can save one or two lives here, their lives may not have been lost for nothing. Those of you who have a chance, please take it now, while you can. Everyone that stops has a chance at survival. The body immediately goes into action to recover. We have amazing bodies! Oxygen immediately reaches areas that have not had oxygen for a long time. The lungs begin immediate housekeeping. You will notice you are bringing up stuff out of the lungs that is pretty gross!

For starters, stay hydrated and drink juice. If you are diabetic, take care to only drink 4 oz. at a time, within a given hour. Have your shopping done ahead of time. You will not feel your best to go shopping for a while.

Gather Foods and Juices for Aid in Beating the Craving

Consider the advantage you may have if you shop ahead of time for certain recovery essential oils. You may want to start with 3 – 6 choices to have on hand. Mix and match according to your likes and favorite aromas. Use only on drop of each oil in a carrier oil, nearby your nose at first. Decide what you can tolerate and what you may be sensitive to. Clean your fingertips before touching your eyes, if you get them on your hands.

Use of lemon and lime juices and cinnamon sticks are a real plus. I have found that when drinking lemon juice, adding this to water that Minute Maid frozen is great. It comes in a box and it’s a yellow plastic bottle. So, I am not speaking of the can of sweetened lemon juice. Plastic bottles of lime juice can be found in the juice isle, usually at the top next to Real-lemon juice. Both are in green bottles, but the lemon juice is not as good as that frozen type.

  • Clove oil~ Note that clove buds may be chewed like the cinnamon sticks.
  • Black pepper oil
  • Calamus oil
  • Thieves oil~ Story I just learned: During the time of the Black Plague, 3 thieves used this combo of oils all over their bodies and went in to help those who were ill. They never got sick! I will soon provide a list of E.O. within Thieves and a review of this product from Young Living. [I do not sell this company oil.]
  • Bergamot oil, #1 choice for mood

Other essential oils to include, especially for other addictions include:

  • Orange, wild
  • Chamomile, Roman ~ this is calming
  • Rosemary
  • basil
  • Dill, helps with focus
  • Cumin
  • Grapefruit, helps with cravings
  • Lavender, to help with relaxation
  • Nutmeg
  • Sandalwood
  • Geranium, for a more centered feeling

I am going to step out on a limb and suggest, after only a little research, the use of Hemp CBD. These help with anxiety. Use with Helichrysum  and Geranium for pain during serious drug addiction withdrawal. This is low in THC, found in Cannabis CBD in higher amounts. It is safe for children and pregnant women. The low THC factor does not create the anxiety aftereffects and the high that Cannabis CBD would. Personally, I have witnessed in others a loss of quickness of speech from those who use cannabis, so I do not recommend this. Please note: I am recommending Hemp CBD, only.

Secondly, and VERY important: Stay sober. Avoid alcohol and hanging out with those who drink. Your friends can wait until you have this beat! If you are on other ‘stuff’, you might want to consider beating that first. Don’t try to do too many things to help yourself at once.

A Little Help from a Friend

Consider joining a two week stop smoking plan in your area, sometimes found in your health plan. Visit the website for your health provider or the hospital you have visited nearby for an offered program. These are everywhere! They do have a huge success rate, or so I understand. Even people that are not the most interested in socializing find that they need a little extra support with people with one great commonality, smoking. You will have so much in common as you struggle from day to day, for only two, seemingly long, weeks.

One option: Meet with a hospital affiliated support group and class
Another option, a Meetup group, meeting wherever they decide, even outside on nice days

You may have to create and host a Meetup group, or ask a more sociable friend to start one with you. For that matter, if attending one, take a buddy with you.

Now, choose your date. The start of a series could be your start date, or if you are on your own, you will have to look at your calendar and pick a date that begins a calmer period of time at work or with family events upcoming out of the way. You might have a vacation upcoming. Would this be the best time to start? Your family would rather you were on your way to health than to round everyone up for a ‘dream vacation’ that is going to be with you, having to walk away for a cigarette.

So far we have:

  • A desire to quit and begin a better life
  • A plan
  • Shopping list for helpful food and drink, essential oils items [reviews coming soon]
  • Joining a support group
  • A date to begin, with a period of at least 2 weeks open
  • Purchases completed

Please let me know if I have left anything out, leaving unanswered questions and thanks for reading!


Wishing you better health, Lynne

33 thoughts on “Help to Stop Smoking Assisted by Essential Oils”

  1. My friend has been smoking for years and I really want him to stop smoking. I will probably get him Bergamot I think he will need that.
    However he does some drugs once in a while. What do you suggest for this circumstance?

    1. Furkan, These have not been personally witnessed by me as yet, but some of the essential oils mentioned below the first set in this article are in addition, for extra help for those suffering from serious drug addictions. I personally know some who are addicted to other drugs, so I put this plan together from new information I found in researching ways to help them. I am encouraging those I know to plan some time off from other responsibilities to get free! I hope your friend will take some time to make a huge difference in his or her life. I can see how these addictions can cause a life to quickly unravel into chaos! The time taken will quickly make up the difference in successful living. We can never look down on someone suffering from this disease. It is real and devasting to them! There is so little known about how to help them, short of going into a rehab center, which sometimes seems incriminating. Some may actually need to do so, but my sincere hope is to help those who feel that is the last option they want and hesitate to check into such a facility. If these methods fail them, I hope they will do whatever is necessary to recover! There may be more information we can find, if we continue the search and listen to success stories. I wish all the best! Lynne

  2. I have been trying to give up smoking for the past 15 years and have failed more times than I can remember, never realised these essential oils could help my situation – this is an eye opener as I certainly need all the help I can get. Thanks for your help!

    1. Oh Michael, do get whatever support you need and return here for any questions in this forum. I am pretty good at finding answers to anything that involves a person’s well being. I like helping people find simple ways to solve health issues. I have always been like this, but as you can see, I am extra motivated where smoking cessation comes in. I do not want another person to needlessly become ill, due to smoking! It’s one thing, we all get sick sometime, but smoking creates an extra invite to illness. Rmember, your body will immediately begin to mend. May you have great success, soon. Please, only if you want to, feel free to return to tell us all what happens in the near future. Lynne

  3. What a wonderful article. I stopped smoking after many years of trying and some of the things you say are so important. Another little trick is to set up rules for yourself. Like no smoking inside the house, apt. or car! ( my friends hated me for those) I finally did stop and it was in part with our B.C. stop-smoking plan and a nurse called me every few weeks and It was all I needed. I just had to be held accountable I think and actually quit before my scheduled date with her. Even today I still can’t believe I did that! I am very proud of me. If you ever need a guest article I would be proud to help out.

    1. Merry, I am so happy for you and I would be proud of myself too! I would welcome a guest post, so if you would have some time and want to make a draft, give me a holler, please. I would love to hear your complete success story and I am sure my visitors would as well.


    2. Hello again, Merry! Again, being part of a hospital based Stop Smoking program might be key for most of the sufferers from this addiction. This was great that the nurse called you so often!

      Please create a guest blog for us all to enjoy!

  4. This is a great article and very informative, if I must say so myself! I’m super glad me and my partner aren’t smokers, while it’s feels amazing to be good role models for our kids as well. I had no idea that you could use oils to help you stop smoking. I like how you mentioned that even ONE cigarette can clog up your entire system. You are doing a good job here, so keep up the good work. I like your article a lot 🙂

  5. Hi there, I loved that you put out a plan to quit smoking, and I am very curious about the essential oils, but I’m confused on what you’re supposed to do with them? Is this a thing to put on your fingers and smell instead of smoke….or? Sorry to sound clueless, but apparently I am lol. I’ve wanted to quit for a long time, and you’ve renewed that desire so I’d really like to understand. Thanks so much!

    1. Maria, I am glad you asked. Even though I have some suggestions on other pages, I intended to add some of the same information directly to this post.

      There are many ways to use the essential oils. One could use a diffuser and I will soon review my favorite choice. You may add them to a carrier oil, which could be so many options, such as even olive oil. I prefer Sweet Almond, for the added aroma and soothing feel. Add one drop until you get to the right effect, mixing in the palm of your hand or in a brown dropper bottle. Then spread just a little in the crook of your arm, tops of your feet if not too sensitive. Test each option carefully before settling on how much and where to use, being very careful to wash your hands thoroughly. We may also place on a handkerchief or napkin, a wick, [found at Target in the cosmetic dept.] Some may be placed into a scented wax warmer, without the scented wax. I would not want to mix aromas. Some of the wax has artificial aromas. A vaporizer may also be used, placing a couple of drops into the reservoir at the top. Be careful near young children! Use this in a secured area and away from young lungs. Some oils are too strong for children. Even the famed Eucalyptus oil is not safe for tiny infants and toddlers. Hope this helps and please ask more questions if you want to know more. I hope for you to lose the urge to smoke quickly! If you feel you’d like to, please return with a happy success story. Guest blogging is an option too. Lynne

  6. When I stopped smoking back in 1999 after 22 years, there really wasn’t much on the market like there is today. I bought my last pack of cigarettes using a credit card. I was so pissed at myself that after that pack was gone, that was it!

    When you’re smoking, you quit every night. So the head games began the next morning by telling myself…”it’s been 8 hours, congratulations!” When you empty your bladder, the urge to light up is significantly high. When you eat your first meal, the urge to smoke is tremendous.

    So I drank a lot of water, ate skittles and used a pen to simulate holding a cigarette. After a few days of annoying a coworker, he gave me his Nicorette gum.

    I can remember chewing one tablet and then 2 tablets at a time to get that “rush”

    By congratulating myself everyday for not lighting up, it started to get easier.

    After 30 days of not lighting up and using the Nicorette gum, I was smoke free.

    After that, it’s all in your head.

    1. Sheldon, I am very glad you were able to quit! 30 days later you were free, so that is great. I am sure your health had a better chance all around. If you can do this, others can too. I hope many will read your story. Did you feel the aftereffects of having quit? Did you quit the smokers cough or did you not have one? [Please notice my post on breathing easier and also the one on COPD.] Did your skin improve? Did you experience fewer colds and flu? Did people respond to you more favorably, kissing your sweetie was nicer? Do you feel a sense of freedom from the have to feeling in an already busy day? I am sure you appreciate the money you have not had to spend on this, too. Only if you like, will you please return to comment about any or all of this?

      Congratulations and best of health to you! Thanks, Lynne

  7. My father smoked from the age of six until his lungs collapsed at age 57. from then on he was attached to an oxygen tank. From that day forward he wished he had not smoked. He lost a lot of mobility and freedom and passed away ten years later. Growing up I hated the smell of cigarettes. Although I was a victim of secondhand smoke, my lungs are clear and clean. My kids have never smoked either. I am so thankful!

    1. Hillard, so sorry for the early loss of your father! I hope you will stay well and what a great example to your children you were and are. Dad was around smoker parents. He did not smoke and used to sell his cigarettes for an egg to eat during WWII. Great that some are intelligent enough to realize the evil affects of smoking. Warmest Regards, Lynne

  8. Great article! I never knew of this alternative. My father loves cigars. I always hear him say there is a difference between cigars and cigarette but I will never get it. It maybe less dangerous but I believe it will affect you the same way. Hopefully I can convince him to try this method. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. This is awesome! I did not know we can use essential oil for this. Do you have the ratio of how much carrier oil to essential oil if its used for this purpose? Thanks

    1. Each person is different. I would always start with only one drop, near your nose, say, in the palm of your hand with just a little carrier oil to keep your hand from becoming irritated. A small makeup remover round pad could also be used without carrier oil for testing near you. Then, as needed, gradually increase the drops to the desired effect and tolerance.

      Take care, Lynne

  10. My mom has smoked most of her life and tried to stop most of her life. She’s lately gotten into essential oils, and I bought her a diffuser. We hadn’t thought about using them to help with her cravings, so this is an excellent post for me to stumble across right now. I will be sure to get her some bergamot and clove oil. thanks for the great info!

    1. Penny, so glad I could help! I wish her, as well as yourself, all the best of health! Thanks for letting me know that I might have been of service, Lynne

  11. What a wonderful article. Luckily I have never smoked, but this is an enormous problem in many countries.
    I must even admit that I have stopped going into some restaurants, when I travel to a few countries, because there is a cloud of smoke all over. I have friends who need to quit smoking. Can all people use this oil to stop? What I have in mind, can it be mixed with medicine, etc.?
    Keep going with a great site!

    1. It is a difficult question you ask, whether anyone can use these and if they will help. You also ask if they can be mixed with other medicines.

      Each person is different and should test their tolerance by starting out with only one drop near their nose, not directly under their nose. Place the single drop on a tissue or handkerchief or a makeup remover cotton pad and place it on the nightstand or table near them. Sit for a while, near this and wait to see how you feel. Does it make you feel like coughing or fill your lungs with a menthol feeling or burning cold sensation? Do not increase, maybe, do not use this particular oil. If you have COPD, use extra caution and anyone, please ask your doctor about combining with other medications! Personally, I believe this is ok, but some who come to this forum may enlighten us. It bears more research, for sure! However, my point in having you talk with your doctor, is so that they can warn you of their professional opinion. Many of them are increasingly gaining in experience with patients coming to them with an accidental misuse of essential oils. This is very unfortunate. I have seen that in the past, Young Living retailers have promoted using some in the eyes, directly, for eye difficulties. This is a huge no, no! Please, never use in the eye. There may be an exception. One older woman told me years ago that using grapefruit oil in the eyes every day would cure cataracts. I have not tested this, nor heard anyone else agree with this. She was seeing very well, if I remember correctly. At the time she mentioned this, I was not aware that you could buy the oil. She might have mentioned using the actual juice. Memory fails me, so ask around and I will too. Just use great cautions with all oils and always use in a carrier oil if directly on the skin. Let me know if you find out anything more, please. Thanks for your comment and question, Johann! Lynne

  12. I love, love, love that you have shared this as an alternative to help stop smoking! My best friend attempted to quit smoking a few years ago and went on a doctor prescribed medication called Chantix (sp?). Almost immediately she began to change, her moods, her behaviors and she started having dreams every night in which she was murdered or dies in some way. It was an awful thing to watch and it took us days of talking on the phone before we both realized that the only thing different was the medicine! She stopped it immediately but has since been afraid to try anything else and is therefore still smoking. I would love to share this alternative with her as we are both essential oil users. Thank you for this great information, I cannot believe I had never thought of looking into essential oils as a safe alternative to harmful medication!

    1. Oh! Thank you Tatiana for sharing this story and I am very glad that you helped her figure out what was different and causing her nightmares! If you can support her during this time it would be awesome. If you think of this forum again, after success, will you let us know? Success to her and may she be well! You as well, Lynne

  13. Hi Lynne,

    Great post. I actually started smoking in Grade 6 at school and at one point was smoking one packet a year. I was hooked! haha but seriously (and that is a true story) I could not do the draw back as it hurt my throat too much so I never really smoked at all.

    My partner is a hypnotherapist and has helped many give up smoking. She has moved away from that now but it definitely works too. I am getting into the essential oils now and I know frankincense is really amazing in so many ways.

    Thanks for a really inspiring post. You will help many smokers 🙂


    1. Thanks Kevin, I am certainly glad you never really smoked! No COPD related to smoking for you! If you have time and think of this forum, will you please let us know how you use Frankincense and what safety measures you have learned to implement? Thanks and be well, Lynne

  14. Thank you Lynne for this very insightful article. As a non-smoker, it inspires me to share your article to my relatives and friends who are in the process of gradually quitting smoking. We already have a casualty to smoking, my grandfather who died of lung cancer. This article also merits as an advocacy which I fully support. I’ll share your link and hopefully inspire my relatives and friends. Thank you again.


    1. Thank you JR and I am sorry for your loss! I wish hope and wellness for those you love who remain. This is my ultimate joy, to encourage healthful practices and extend life and happiness to families who need us. Be well, Lynne

  15. Thank you for this information, I have family members who have tried everything to stop except these oils, will recommend for them to try.

    1. Etaya, I wish success to them and I am glad you apparently do not smoke. Thanks for sharing my information with them. We entertain hopes that their lives will be extended, so they can be with us as long as possible! I am continuing to research other methods to add to this post for the same purpose, so if you get a chance to check back in the next 2 weeks, I may be able to help even more. There is more out there and I will hunt it down! Lynne

  16. Very good article. My wifes dad passed away from massive lung cancer. They were really surprised that he lived to 70 for as bad as it was. This is extremely helpful. Thank you. I don’t smoke, but know plenty of people that do, I’ll send em your way to read this and wake em up lol.

    1. Alex, many many condolences! My wish is to help many people to avoid this loss. Unfortunately, each person has to decide. We can point them in the right direction, but a loss like yours should make them sit up and take notice. This would be a comfort to you, I am sure. I hope to provide even more tips and ideas for this. I know, though, what it is like to wait for a family member or friend to ‘drink from the water’ to which we are hoping to lead them to. Much hope and courage to you, Lynne

  17. Hi Lynne… I will definitely share this with a friend that has been struggling for years to quit with no luck. This is very informative and as much as I love my essential oils and some of the benefits its nice to know that there are limitless benefits of essential oils.

    Great post.


  18. I am not really understanding what oils to use and how to use them. I have smoked for about 53 years and would love to quit. Can someone help me to better understand this method?

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