Essential Oils & Herbals

Essential & Rare Oil Aromas are Soothingly Life Giving

Basil and Lemon Balm can add aroma in our kitchens and are used to make essential oils. We will learn more about their uses in later posts.
Cone Flower or Echinacea is known for boosting the immune system before, during and after the flu or a cold and may reduce the chances of coming down with illnesses.


Basil comes in various flavors, such as Chocolate Basil; Pineapple Basil

6 thoughts on “Essential Oils & Herbals”

  1. I have never heard about the cone flower before. But if it helps the immune system it is a plus. I don’t like taking medicine so this is right up my alley. You are a good help to put these things before people because most of us would never know what is available to us. Looking forward to more healthy natural products. Thanks.

    1. Hello Ronnie, thanks for your kind words and I hope to help and enjoy the company of many herb and flower enthusiasts here!

      I just heard of Strep Throat sufferers using it and other remedies instead of antibiotics. I am searching for simple ways to avoid the need for these. I know sometimes they are a matter of life and death. Let’s just be sure we are not creating super bugs. I may present this as a topic for discussion. For instance, there are pain relieving essential oils I am learning about, that reduce inflammation. This will, no doubt be very controversial. I want to explore everything, but carefully.

      Enjoy your cone flower / Echinacea tea and tinctures and be well! Lynne

  2. Good information here on essential oils, I am familiar with Echinacea it is good for injuries.
    Tried to find your page on herbs for cooking as I am keen to try but had no luck.

    1. Hello George and right you are. I have only alluded to it on my favorite uses page, regarding Basil. I have not created a full post on this topic yet! Yesterday, I was working some on this. I have found some yummy looking pictures of herbs sprinkled on pasta and pizza. I found an unusual picture featuring a tort with tomatoes! Presently, we feel an urgent need for research regarding COPD and Asthma sufferers. You have inspired me to really get busy over the weekend! I am glad for the interest in these topics, including cooking!

      Thank you very much! Lynne

  3. Hi Lynne,
    I agree with you that quality essential oils extracted naturally from different parts of plants are good healthcare solutions. I personally use olive oil to moisturize my hair and skin, and rose essential oil in healing minor wounds and relieving muscle cramps. Good to know that corn flower brings immunity in a flu situation. Thanks 🙂

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