EO Favorites and Uses

Calendula Oil is used for various skin problems. It has soothing and healing qualities. This oil is used in preparations such as salves and lotions.
Chamomile flowers are small and white with a bright yellow center. These flowers may be dried and used for a soothing tea. Chamomile eases blood pressure issues by reducing inflammation in the body.
Aloe Vera has long spiky stems rising from the base of the plant and thicker at the bottom. When peeled, what remains is a thick jelly-like substance which is very soothing and healing for the throat and stomach. This gel is also renowned for soothing burns. Do not add ice with this to a burn. Every kitchen should have a pot of this herb!
Mullein stalk and flowers, the tincture of which is used to support lung health
Gentian Violets can be used in the ears as antiseptic drops. This has brought relief to a family member who was suffering from a fungal infection of the ear.
Known to many as Echanecea, these are used to boost immunity.
Known to many as Echinacea, these are used to boost immunity.
Mint Oils are used as flavoring and can also be used for a colicky infant. Great cautions is used by only dipping a toothpic into warm water and stirring. This can be given in a bottle. I personally have used this method and my children found sweet relief! My Mother-In-Law passed this knowledge down to me.
Mint Oils are used as flavoring and can also be used for a colicky infant. Great caution is used by only dipping a toothpick into warm water and stirring. This can be given in a bottle. I personally have used this method and my children found sweet relief! My Mother-In-Law passed this knowledge down to me.
Dandelion is thought of as an invasive weed, yet, it has very important nutrients, so much so that it is thought that this, coupled with kelp and alfalfa provide all of the nutrients we need to remain healthy.


13 thoughts on “EO Favorites and Uses”

  1. I have always been interested in Essential Oils but never really understood them. By reading your site it is helping me become educated as to their uses. I’m sure I will be back again.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jody and I hope you visit with me again! I will try to announce my next post to my friends. Life has been keeping me away from work or work is keeping me away from research, I am not sure which!

      I am determined to come back, time and again, to learn more about wellness!


  2. Hello Lynne, essential oils are beautiful. The aroma, the feel in your bath water. I used them much in a humidifier for a number of years, calm and soothing. Lavender was among my favourite/favorite both for the calm that it facilitates and the lovely smell. Thank you for highlighting healthy plants for a healthier life.

    1. Thanks Leslie!I am finding out more and more about them and Lavender has many uses.
      I hope to highlight more uses some time, but not real soon. I have other pressing issues to present upon.

      Check back soon on COPD and Asthma issues. I now two Asthmatics personally and want to help protect and also ease their suffering.


    2. Thanks Leslie! This makes sense that even the feel of them in the water is nice, since Lavender soothes the skin, not just the spirit! I think it will help to have a carrier oil in the water. This will help prevent irritation in more sensitive areas that are exposed in a bath. Lynne

    1. Yes, please do, Helder!
      Oregano may help to relieve tired ad sore joints and muscles while also promoting feelings of relaxation. Was this your experience? If not, may we ask what you used it for? Do you intend to use any more oils anytime soon? If so, will you share your thoughts on the results please?

      As you know, I do not sell E.O. I want to learn more and experience a forum of ideas and promote safety. Please be careful to use a carrier oil with the Oregano. Have a wonderful weekend, Lynne

  3. Hi Lynne: Great article !! I like how you separated the pictures of the oil sources.
    I did not know that there was Aloe Vera essential oil. I used raw aloe for mosquito bites, it is great, you put the raw gel on the skin, leave it there and the mosquito bite goes away, I am very sensitive to mosquito bites and this helps. My brother is using raw aloe for a bald spot and it is working for him. Is Aloe Vera essential oil better than the gel? maybe I will try the essential oil, does it have to be diluted?.

    I used oil of oregano (25%) diluted with olive oil (75%) for a toothache, also clove oil is good for a toothache until the dentist is available.

    1. Thanks for dropping by!

      By the way, I was not aware that there is an Aloe oil. There are preparations in bottles at the natural food stores and some pharmacies. I find them in Oregon at Fred Meyer in the natural food department of the grocery section.

      I did not know this about mosquito bites, so thanks for sharing this first hand knowledge! That is what this forum is about.


  4. Lynne, thank you for the photos and the notes about essential oils. I especially love the photos because I now see that I have a lot of good, beneficial “weeds” around my yard. I especially love to have the aloe vera plant as I find it useful for a number of skin issues.

    What do you have for diabetes?

    1. Josephine, I need to know this too and have been looking at Cinnamon bark; Clove, rosemary, Sage, Cumin, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Pine, Cypress, Dill, Ginger and Lavender oils. Dill and some others, can be used in cooking, as most of us know. Dill helps to normalize blood sugar levels. Others can be blended with a carrier oil and placed over the Pancreas and feet. Two blends include: 8 Clove & equal drops of Cinnamon bark, 15 drops of Rosemary and 10 drops of Thyme. Another blend is of 5 drops of Cinnamon Bark with 5 drops of Cypress. Test a little first for sensitivities and always use a carrier oil with the mixtures. Always wash your hands afterward, particularly your finger tips and under the nails! Best of health to you! Lynne

  5. Hello Lynne

    I use Young Living essential oils. I did a lot of research and I really feel these are great quality.

    I bought an app from the App Store put out by Abundant Health – around $10 from memory- that I have on my iPad. Whenever I want to check what oil might be good for an issue I look up the oil in this. It also mentions contra-indications which is really good. I have to watch my blood pressure, for example, so I don’t diffuse peppermint oil.

    Love the pictures on your site.

    Regards, Leah.

    1. Thanks Leah! I have a free app, but do not see all the contraindications. I may have to buy this. Having such an app really can be helpful. Warm regards, Lynne

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