Deep Emotions Evoked


Evoking Deep Emotions
Evoking Deep Emotions: Memories of Mom Forever will be brought close whenever I see these azure flowers!
Looking through the plants at the sky
Looking through the plants at the sky at the blue sky has warmed my heart many times! Just the site of these simple splashes of deep blue bring back memories of Summer days playing with friends near a garden. We sat in the dirt, intent on making mud pies, but it was me who would look up and glance at the sky through the leaves of these chivalrous sentinels! If only every child could enjoy an innocent time among the flowers, with no fear! Mom knew where we were and would often bring us colorful aluminum tumblers filled with Kool-Aid.
Found by the child that I was
Found by the child that I was as I wondered through the forests near our campsite. I smelled garlic! I began looking more closely at the plants and flowers at my feet. When I got closer to the white flowers sitting higher off of the ground than the leaves, I knew this was what was creating the aroma of someone cooking with garlic! I picked the flower, then rubbed the flowers. The smell got even stronger! I grasped the flower tops and gingerly tasted one flower. It was good! I crammed the entire head of the plant into my mouth and chewed. I searched for more, since dinner time was later on. I found and ate more. Whenever we camped in that same area I went searching for these flowers to repeat the experience. Note: Never eat a plant or flower if it is bitter, unless you have been explicitly taught the differences between similar plants! Teach this to small children and keep an eye out for poisonous mushrooms.

2 thoughts on “Deep Emotions Evoked”

  1. This brought back memories of my early years on a mountain farm. I am interested in essential oils and healing herbs. I will return to your site again for more information.

    1. Thanks Jeannie! I am glad I could bring back some good memories for you, since I know how wonderful this is! These early memories have helped develop in me a great love of all things in plant life, including their helpful properties. Please do come back and see me! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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