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Hi! My name is Lynne and my journey in natural or alternative needs came about when, as a very young woman several doctors did not know what to do for me. I had tried everything, but always ended up using the drugs they prescribed. These drugs were necessary to keep going, at least after one down day. I suffered side effects which may be affecting me today. I finally looked at a shelf of essential oils at a store we had gone into for something else. This store was luxurious and provided food and tables to sit at and eat in a very aesthetic area of the store. Foods were offered I had never seen before! The prices were highly prohibitive. Yet, when I was able, I returned to this store and purchased a few bottles of herbal tinctures that I had read might relieve my symptoms. I had a degree of success that seemed to take the edge off of my problems. I learned how to combine a few oils to produce the desired effect. This was great! I now did not need as much of the medicine and could go without, sometimes. On days when my symptoms were lighter I was able to forgo the use of these entirely! This helped me to experience fewer discomforts from the side effects, sooner. 

My family have benefited from my accumulated knowledge and suffer less because of it. Even our pets have overcome minor infections because I learned how to use an herb.

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I had heard of essential oils from a young woman who had a decorative, wooden suitcase with little bottles lined up inside. She was charging exorbitant prices! I was a college student doing a work summer away from home. I could not afford even one bottle. I longed to have many of the oils I tested, catching the sweet or pungent aromas! I secretly vowed to one day have them all! Ok, that sounded greedy, but I am one for creating ambiance around me, whenever possible!

A couple of years ago, I began to have more personal success, financially. [That was an illusion, since there is no job security!] I began to purchase one or two bottles at a time from companies I trusted more than others. I have seen more reasonable prices with some companies. Yet, they offer quality as well. I now have a nice assortment that gets me by and plan to add a few more, here and there. Most of them last a very long time!

I am seeing the need to save people time in researching what companies provide, reviews about their product quality and price comparison.

I would like as many of you as feel you can spare some time, to contribute your success stories with essential oils or even herbal preparations of other sorts, e.g. medicinal teas. Please let me know the name of the company you prefer and tell me why. I also plan to show some research on what tinctures of herbs and the oils suggested use is for certain types of ailments. Please kindly leave a quick a comment before you go! Thanks in advance!

Also, I hope that any professional who has completed some research they could share and would be willing to post on my upcoming website would please do so. If you are a Naturopath and have access to research documents and can give credits for these, please share if you will!

I would like to add here that whenever using essential oils or tinctures of herbs use great caution! Do not apply them directly and do not mix them with water. This will greatly intensify the effect to the point of dangerous results. Mix with something like Sweet Almond Oil. Also, please learn which of these may be taken by mouth.

Thanks for visiting with me,

Lynnette ~ aloevera-plant-250x250

P.S. Stay tuned for more information. Reviews will be coming soon!


8 thoughts on “About me: Searching for Quality Oils”

  1. This website is very interesting as it deals on traditional and herbal medicines. This can help a lot of people who wants to cure their diseases or enhance their health and longevity in a natural way. Natural is always better than artificial – and I am a firm believer of natural ways.

    Our family, like most Asian families, uses a variety of herbs, oils and ointments for our daily defense against common diseases, internal and external. Herbs have been a part of our family since our forefathers’ generations.

    1. Oh thanks for your kind words rule2020! Do you have any other suggestions about errors or the varied colors of the paragraphs? In your opinion is this style in keeping with people who like E. Oils? Thanks for taking the tie for this, Lynne

    2. Thanks for your kind words! Do you have any stories you could share with me about different helpful uses for certain oils? If you could share at least one story, it would be so exciting to read about!

  2. I am a fan of Essential Oil and I am currently using a brand called Nature Living. But depend on which flavor that varies the cost of one essential oil. Normally it cost me $12 for one. Maybe you should do a product review for essential oil from Nature Living. I love you niches and you could go far with it. Be careful, some people will charge more just to gain commission. Keep up the good work!

    1. I have visited Nature Living and given them my email address. I looked at their lovely website. I will spend some time looking at all of the features and creating a full review soon! I have not forgotten you, Syikien!


  3. Hi Lynne, every one has a story to tell and I find that those that have aliments of one kind or another. Some stay with there doctors and go from one syndrome to another not knowing that most of the syndromes are side-effects from the medications that there on. But the doctor knows best? Or do they? theses are the ones that go looking. There is a saying, “what is good for one is not necessarily good for another”. we are not a society of one size fits all. We are all unique “God forbid” this world would have no reason for being. You are on your path and God speed Linda

  4. I am an essential oil user, am certified in Aromatherapy and essential oils, am a registered nurse and Wellness Advocate for DoTerra essential oils. I highly discourage store brand oils because they are not pure. They are certainly cheap in price, but they are loaded with fillers. Even though the label may say 100% pure oil, this only means that the actual oil is 100% pure, not the fillers. You may only be getting a very small portion of pure oil in these brands. DoTerra has certified pure therapeutic grade oils and most of the oils are for internal use as well as topical and aromatic. I do not recommend any other brand for internal use. With that said, I like that you are interested in natural alternatives to modern medicine. As a healthcare professional, I am able to teach my clients about the wonderful benefits of essential oils.

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