Oils Combined for Back Pain Relief

Couple massage
Couple massage is a nice way to apply essential oils! There is nothing like having the one you love take care of you after a hard day’s work! I learned a long time ago how to use three oils together, combining to make pain minimize and allow my mate to go to sleep. He would often fall asleep within a moment when the massage was over. Using caution, always mix your oils with a carrier oil. Use either Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Grapeseed, Jojoba, or coconut oils. I found 51 carrier oils on website which I hope to feature soon. Mix Geranium, Clove and Bergamot oils together in your preferred carrier oil. The lower back is often assaulted during physical labor. Massage, using your flat palms in a forward, outward motion and vary with a pulling from each side of the waist, passing your own hands to the opposite side of the waist. This is very tension relieving. It is wonderfully soothing to the pain and the soul! Please let us know, if you learn to follow this procedure and give us all extra tips and experiences with relief. Thanks in advance for your comments!





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